UK weather: tropical air to push temperatures past 30C next week

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2020/09/11 - 5:32am

Final blast of summer expected after weekend downpours in parts of Scotland

The UK can look forward to “one last blast of summer” next week, with temperatures forecast to climb above 30C (86F).

The mercury could hit 31C in southern England on Tuesday, however parts of Scotland can expect torrential downpours this weekend that could bring almost a month’s worth of rain in just one day.

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Ami, the tiny cube on wheels that French 14-year-olds can drive

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2020/09/11 - 5:05am

Citroën’s ‘urban mobility object’ is classed as a light quadricyle and can be driven without a full licence

The vehicle is cheap and the reactions from the pavement are a bonus, from the disbelieving double-take or uncontrolled giggle to the frankly envious where-do-I-get-one-of-those (plus the odd pitying stare, but then this is Paris).

At first glance, Citroën’s new Ami, a playful polypropylene cube on wheels with an unashamedly Toytown aesthetic, seems hardly the kind of car to excite the passions of France’s drivers. But, perhaps because it is not a car, that is just what it is doing.

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Why Firefighting Alone Won't Stop Western Mega-Fires

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2020/09/11 - 2:00am

In another record-breaking year, communities are realizing the best way to survive wildfires is learning to live with them.

(Image credit: Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images)

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How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2020/09/11 - 2:00am

An NPR and PBS Frontline investigation reveals how the oil and gas industry used the promise of recycling to sell more plastic, even when they knew it would never work on a large scale.

(Image credit: Laura Sullivan/NPR)

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NSW Nationals ditch threat to quit Coalition as John Barilaro's leadership condemned as 'untenable'

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2020/09/10 - 7:23pm

NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian offers to hold further talks over state’s koala protections policy at cabinet on 6 October

The NSW Nationals leader, John Barilaro, has backed off from his threat to pull his party out of the Coalition and has instead agreed to a compromise offered by Gladys Berejiklian to hold further talks over the state’s new koala protections in cabinet on 6 October.

The Nationals had earlier resolved to push for early talks in September and had compiled a list of changes that they wanted. But the premier insisted on normal processes and declined to offer concessions.

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US wildfires: Oregon has 'never seen this amount of uncontained fire', governor says – as it happened

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2020/09/10 - 5:18pm

1.11am BST

We’re closing today’s liveblog – thank you for following along, and please stay safe.

Some key links and developments from the day:

12.53am BST

The Oregon prison system is evacuating more than 1,300 people from the Coffee Creek correctional facility (CCCF) in Wilsonville, spokespeople have now confirmed:

Oregon is evacuating 1,300+ people from the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (CCCF) in Wilsonville, a women's prison due to the Riverside and Santiam wildfires. Here's a picture from the corrections department. pic.twitter.com/39eJYzjmel

Related: Oregon fires: evacuated prisoners sleep on floor in packed Covid-19 hotspot

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Extinction Rebellion protester arrested for defacing Winston Churchill statue

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2020/09/10 - 3:21pm

Over 600 people were arrested during the environmental demonstrations in London

Ten days of Extinction Rebellion demonstrations in London ended with naked protests and an arrest over graffiti daubed on a statue of Winston Churchill.

At least 648 people have been arrested during the environmental action, including one man on Thursday on suspicion of causing criminal damage to the statue in Parliament Square.

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The World Lost Two-Thirds Of Its Wildlife In 50 Years. We Are to Blame

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2020/09/10 - 2:13pm

Human activities are causing an "unprecedented" and alarming decline in wildlife populations around the world, a new report warns. It says the staggering loss ultimately threatens human life as well.

(Image credit: Firdia Lisnawati/AP)

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Defender Of Amazon Tribes Killed In Brazil

NPR News - Environment - Thu, 2020/09/10 - 2:07pm

Rieli Franciscato was a leading expert on uncontacted tribes and was killed while on a mission to shield an isolated indigenous group from a possible hostile encounter with outsiders.

(Image credit: Todd Lewan/AP)

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Impact of Covid slowdown on CO2 in the atmosphere 'not even a blip', Australian scientist says

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2020/09/10 - 1:51pm

By early June, emissions had mostly returned to the levels of the same period in 2019, a UN report found

The Covid-19 pandemic will deliver an unprecedented annual drop in global greenhouse gas emissions of up to 7% by the end of 2020, but the slowdown’s impact on the atmosphere will be almost imperceptible, according to a major report led by the United Nations.

Analysis of fossil fuel burning found emissions hit their lowest daily rate in April but by June – as economies began to open up again – emissions were returning to the same levels seen the previous year.

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Gladys Berejiklian gives NSW Nationals deadline to reverse threat to sit on crossbench

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2020/09/10 - 1:35pm

NSW premier tells deputy he cannot sit on crossbench and remain in cabinet after dispute sparked by koala protection

The New South Wales premier, Gladys Berejiklian, has given her deputy, John Barilaro, until Friday morning to reverse his threat to have the Nationals sit on the crossbenches or he and his fellow Nationals ministers will be stripped of their portfolios.

The crisis in the Coalition has been prompted by National party demands over koala policy which passed through cabinet and became law earlier this year but which the Nationals now want to be changed.

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US wildfires could spark financial crisis, advisory panel finds

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2020/09/10 - 9:39am

Home values, state tourism and local governments could be damaged, causing defaults and market disruptions

The devastating wildfires now sweeping across the western US are among the sparks from climate change that could ignite a financial crisis by damaging home values, state tourism and local government budgets, an advisory panel to a US markets regulator found.

Those effects could set off a cascade of events including defaults and market disruptions, undermining the economy and sparking a crisis, according to a report from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

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Lloyd's of London expects £5bn in Covid-19 insurance payouts

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2020/09/10 - 8:02am

Insurance market says claims totalled £2.4bn in first half of 2020, leading to £400m loss

Lloyd’s of London, the world’s biggest insurance market, has said it expects up to £5bn to be paid out in claims related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The insurers that operate in the Lloyd’s market are paying out Covid-19 claims in 16 different insurance areas, mostly related to event cancellations but also medical malpractice, travel cancellations and business interruption.

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BP takes $1.1bn stake in offshore wind farms as it agrees Equinor deal

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2020/09/10 - 2:08am

Strategic partnership will seek to develop more wind farms off the coast of the US

BP has taken its first major step into the offshore wind industry with the purchase of a $1.1bn (£850m) stake in two US offshore wind projects being developed by Norwegian state oil company Equinor.

The oil companies will also team up to develop more windfarms off the coast of the US after agreeing a strategic partnership to help corner the fast-growing market for offshore wind.

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Florida sewage spills expected to worsen due to ageing infrastructure

Guardian Environment News - Thu, 2020/09/10 - 2:00am

More than 230m gallons spilled in Fort Lauderdale between December 2019 and February 2020

Florida has recently experienced several large sewage spills and the issue is expected to worsen in the state due to its growing population, urban development, the climate crisis and ageing infrastructure that frequently cause existing wastewater systems to fail.

For example, between December 2019 to February 2020, more than 230m gallons of sewage spilled into waterways in Fort Lauderdale, the result of ageing water infrastructure.

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Australia's untapped gas reserves could unleash three years' worth of global emissions

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2020/09/09 - 6:41pm

Pinning hopes of economic recovery on fossil fuel comes at huge environmental cost, analysis warns

Australia’s untapped gas reservoirs could lead to three years’ worth of global greenhouse gas emissions if they were developed to their full extent, an analysis suggests.

With the Morrison government proposing what it has described as a “gas-led recovery”, a report by the thinktank the Australia Institute has estimated the emissions that would be released if the fossil fuel industry were significantly expanded.

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Humans exploiting and destroying nature on unprecedented scale – report

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2020/09/09 - 4:01pm

Animal populations have plunged an average of 68% since 1970, as humanity pushes the planet’s life support systems to the edge

Wildlife populations are in freefall around the world, driven by human overconsumption, population growth and intensive agriculture, according to a major new assessment of the abundance of life on Earth.

On average, global populations of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles plunged by 68% between 1970 and 2016, according to the WWF and Zoological Society of London (ZSL)’s biennial Living Planet Report 2020. Two years ago, the figure stood at 60%.

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Up to 48 species saved from extinction by conservation efforts, study finds

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2020/09/09 - 4:01pm

Extinction rates for birds and mammals since 1993 would have been ‘three to four times higher’ without action

Up to 48 bird and mammal extinctions have been prevented by conservation efforts since a global agreement to protect biodiversity, according to a new study.

The Iberian lynx, California condor and pygmy hog are among animals that would have disappeared without reintroduction programmes, zoo-based conservation and formal legal protections since 1993, research led by scientists at Newcastle University and BirdLife International found.

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UK climate assembly: economic recovery from Covid must tackle global heating

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2020/09/09 - 4:01pm

Assembly made up of members of public says recovery should drive move to net zero carbon emissions

The first UK climate assembly made up of ordinary members of the public is calling for the economic recovery from Covid-19 to help drive the move to net zero carbon emissions.

In recommendations by UK citizens who took part in meetings to discuss reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the final report of the assembly said recovering from Covid-19 should be used as an opportunity to drive different lifestyles to tackle the climate crisis, including a frequent flyers tax and a reduction in meat and dairy consumption.

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'Good morning, hell': Californians awake to apocalyptic skies as wildfires rage

Guardian Environment News - Wed, 2020/09/09 - 1:37pm

Orange-hued skies are due to light being filtered through smoke from the state’s worst fire season on record

People in the San Francisco Bay Area and across California awoke on Wednesday morning to an eerie scene of darkened, orange-hued skies and ash raining down as historic wildfires rage across the state.

The apocalyptic skies are due to light being filtered through smoke from California’s worst fire season on record, according to a regional air pollution control organization the Bay Area Air District.

Related: California, Oregon and Washington battle dozens of fires – live updates

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