Donald Trump's golf resort wrecked special nature site, reports reveal

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2018/07/29 - 12:25pm

US president’s broken promises have ruined a fragile dune system in Aberdeenshire

The spectacular dunes system picked by Donald Trump for his golf resort in Aberdeenshire has been “partially destroyed” as a result of the course’s construction, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed.

Scottish Natural Heritage, which has been under pressure for years to speak out on the issue, now acknowledges that serious damage has been done to the site of special scientific interest (SSSI) at Foveran Links on the Menie estate, north of Aberdeen, since the course opened in 2012, the documents show.

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Josh Frydenberg flags two-stage talks to get energy guarantee over the line

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2018/07/29 - 11:00am

Exclusive: Minister floats proposal to win states’ sign-off on Neg mechanism before a second meeting to discuss emissions targets

Josh Frydenberg has flagged a two-stage process with state and territory ministers in an attempt to maximise the government’s chances of achieving sign-off for the national energy guarantee in August.

State sources have told Guardian Australia the commonwealth has floated a proposal where ministers would sign off on the detailed design of the Neg mechanism, including the emissions reduction components, at a meeting of the Council of Australian Governments energy council long scheduled for 10 August.

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Beware China’s role in UK nuclear industry | Letters

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2018/07/29 - 9:50am
Jeffrey Henderson warns against Chinese state-owned firms playing a decisive part in one of our most strategically important industries

While we need to be concerned about China’s growing presence in Britain’s electricity generation (Nuclear power: China’s move into UK hints at scale of its wider ambitions, July 27), we should be asking searching questions of our government. They seem not to understand (or don’t care about) the nature of the companies they are dealing with.

Chinese state-owned enterprises are not like EDF or the German, Dutch and French state-owned firms that run our railways. They are dramatically different because China is governed by a Leninist state. Consequently, Chinese state firms are ultimately controlled not by the State Council’s State Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, but by the Communist party.

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Fate of new Moorside nuclear power station in Cumbria in doubt

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2018/07/29 - 5:41am

Delay in sale of consortium behind plant leads Toshiba to lay off 100 UK project staff

Doubts have been raised over the fate of a new nuclear power station planned for Cumbria after it emerged that most of the project’s 100 UK staff had been laid off.

Toshiba has been trying to sell the NuGeneration consortium behind the Moorside plant since it had to write off billions of dollars because of problems with its US nuclear business last year.

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When The Weather Is Extreme, Is Climate Change To Blame?

NPR News - Environment - Sun, 2018/07/29 - 5:02am

While it's difficult to attribute individual events to climate change, scientists say global warming makes extreme weather more common.

(Image credit: Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images)

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Our scorched Earth needs voters to put more heat on their politicians | Andrew Rawnsley

Guardian Environment News - Sun, 2018/07/29 - 12:00am

Britain won’t be unscathed by global warming. You can’t run from climate change and you can’t hide

Over the course of Britain’s sweltering summer, the landlord of the building inhabited by the Observer periodically informs us that our air conditioning is undergoing an “automated controlled shutdown” because the weather has become so hot and humid that the system is at risk of damaging itself. So just when you really need cooling air, you can’t have it. One to be filed under: you couldn’t make it up.

This is not uncommon. The offices, factories, homes, roads and railways of Britain were designed on the assumption that it is a country of blessedly temperate conditions, immune to extremes of heat and cold. When people say that Britain is not built to withstand a sizzling summer, this is more literally true than they may know.

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Facebook’s results suggest it is short of new users and goodwill

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2018/07/28 - 11:00pm
As more of the world logs on, the company is nearing saturation: so now it is spending on rebuilding its reputation

What’s bad for Facebook’s market cap might be good for society. That, at least, is what the company would like investors to take away from its disastrous second-quarter results, which triggered a fall in its stock-market valuation of almost $120bn (£92bn), the largest single loss of value in Wall Street history.

At its core, the collapse is due to three negative trends: a stagnant user base, shrinking revenues and growing costs. The first, Facebook argues, has been visible for years; the second is a blip as advertisers get used to new formats; and the third is a reflection of the significant sums the company is spending to fix the problems that have plagued it in the press over the past year.

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Death Toll In Northern California's Carr Fire Rises To 6

NPR News - Environment - Sat, 2018/07/28 - 4:12pm

The massive wildfire in Shasta County that's forced the evacuations of at least 38,000 people is only 5 percent contained. In Yosemite, the Ferguson Fire has killed a second firefighter.

(Image credit: Noah Berger/AP)

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Santos response on endangered species not good enough, conservationists say

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2018/07/28 - 1:00pm

Oil company criticised for its findings on animals and plants at planned Narrabri coal seam gas project

Conservationists have said the oil company Santos has not addressed questions about how its proposed 850-well Narrabri coal seam gas project in New South Wales would affect threatened species.

Two new reports, including one by a former ecologist for the NSW environment and heritage office, say the company had not adequately responded to submissions which raise concerns about animal and plant surveys Santos conducted for its environmental impact statement.

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Farmers in drought summit amid fears of food supply crisis

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2018/07/28 - 1:00pm
Farmers’ representatives and government officials meet to tackle impact of the prolonged dry weather

Farmers are to meet with Whitehall officials this week for an emergency drought summit amid fears that the heatwave could have a serious impact on the UK’s food supply.

What the National Farmers Union describes as “tinderbox conditions” have severely reduced grass growth and depleted yields for many crops, leading to concerns that there will be a shortage of feed for livestock and dairy farmers later in the year. Concerns about the fragility of the UK’s food chain come at a sensitive time after the Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab, admitted last week that the government was taking steps to ensure that there were “adequate” supplies for Britain in the event of a no-deal departure from the European Union. The revelation led to speculation that the UK might be forced to start stockpiling food.

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Your old plastic bottle … reborn as a towel, bag or swimsuit

Guardian Environment News - Sat, 2018/07/28 - 8:00am
As technology finds innovative ways to recycle, waste products are being used in an unlikely range of goods in high street stores

First it was “bags for life”, chunky doormats and, more recently, clothing such as fleeces, swimwear and pack-away macs. Now towels made from recycled plastic bottles are to go on sale in the UK for the first time in August – the latest initiative in the war against single-use plastics and the result of a technological breakthrough that has produced a fabric deemed soft and fluffy enough to use on human skin.

The new range of eco-friendly bath towels will go on sale online and at 18 branches of John Lewis in the last week of August, after nearly two years of extensive testing and work with suppliers. The polyester from the recycled plastic bottles accounts for 35% of their content, while the rest is regenerated cotton.

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Grieving orca mother carries dead calf for days as killer whales fight for survival

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2018/07/27 - 3:36pm

Killer whale is one of just 75 in an endangered group off the coast of Washington state and Canada

A grieving mother orca near Vancouver Island has been carrying her dead calf for four days, after refusing to leave her baby behind when the rest of her pod left.

The mother killer whale, named J35 by researchers, gave birth Tuesday in what was initially a hopeful moment. Mother and female calf were seen swimming together that morning near Victoria, British Columbia, according to the Washington state-based Center for Whale Research.

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Wildfires In Western U.S. Could Affect Air Quality For Prolonged Period Of Time

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2018/07/27 - 1:41pm

The smoke from nearly 100 large Western wildfires has public health officials worried. Air quality managers are warning this is the new norm for the region, given climate change.

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Report Shows Trump Administration Issued Permits For Lion Trophies To Republican Donors

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2018/07/27 - 1:28pm

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Michael Harris, director of the Wildlife Law Program with Friends of Animals, about the recent findings about government-issued permits for imported lion trophies being given to Republican donors.

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Deadly wildfires blaze across California amid fears that 'the worst is yet to come'

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2018/07/27 - 12:45pm

At least three dead and thousands evacuated as officials worry potentially devastating fire season has only just begun

At least three people have died and thousands have been evacuated in California as eight active wildfires continue to burn across the state. More than 3,000 firefighters have been deployed to contain the flames, and the destruction is expected to worsen throughout the weekend as high temperatures and dry conditions inhibit efforts.

The state governor, Jerry Brown, has declared a state of emergency in northern California’s Shasta county, and in southern California’s Riverside county, to help provide local fire crews with the resources they need to battle the blazes. Donald Trump has not yet commented on the fires.

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Extreme global weather is 'the face of climate change' says leading scientist

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2018/07/27 - 10:02am

Exclusive: Prof Michael Mann declares the impacts of global warming are now ‘playing out in real-time’

• Heatwave made more than twice as likely by climate change, scientists find

The extreme heatwaves and wildfires wreaking havoc around the globe are “the face of climate change”, one of the world’s leading climate scientists has declared, with the impacts of global warming now “playing out in real time”.

Climate change has long been predicted to increase extreme weather incidents, and scientists are now confident these predictions are coming true. Scientists say the global warming has contributed to on the scorching temperatures that have baked the UK and northern Europe for weeks.

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UK heatwave: Britain facing thunderstorms and travel woes – as it happened

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2018/07/27 - 9:57am

Concerns over health as sweltering heat set to continue despite storm forecasts

5.55pm BST

The Guardian is now closing its liveblog, but here’s a summary of the key weather updates for Friday.

Why has it been so hot?

5.41pm BST

The liveblog will be finishing shortly, but we will post a summary of events and any latest updates before then.

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Hot Weather Spells Trouble For Nuclear Power Plants

NPR News - Environment - Fri, 2018/07/27 - 8:41am

Multiple nuclear power facilities in Europe have reduced their electricity production because seawater, which is used to keep the reactors cool, has been warmer than usual.

(Image credit: Kimmo Mantyla/AP)

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Unions say action needed to protect UK workers in heatwave

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2018/07/27 - 8:08am

Warning of intolerable conditions as hospitals report rise in number of A&E visits

Trade unions have warned of intolerable working conditions for workers caused by extreme temperatures in Britain this summer, as some NHS hospitals report record numbers of people attending A&E because of the heat.

The TUC said action was needed to protect workers from health risks posed by the abnormally high temperatures, as the mercury hit 34.1C in Norfolk on Friday, after Thursday’s year-high of 35C, recorded at Heathrow, west London.

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The week in wildlife – in pictures

Guardian Environment News - Fri, 2018/07/27 - 8:01am

A new species of spider, frolicking hares and migratory sea turtles are among this week’s pick of images from our overheated natural world

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