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The Field Lab - Sat, 2018/06/02 - 3:28pm
A few more days before the lost donkey goes to his new home.   He is still welcome here, for now.  I need a video for my monday matinee.
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a friday night film

The Field Lab - Fri, 2018/06/01 - 3:04pm
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Lost Donkey...part II

The Field Lab - Thu, 2018/05/31 - 5:44pm
Some people just shouldn't be allowed to have pets.  Back in 2016, some folks I know out here adopted a burro that had been put out by his two previous owners.  Well this morning that burro stopped by for a visit and looked very malnourished so I fed and watered him then did a little digging.   Seems the couple that took him in have recently split up and left all their livestock behind.  Someone took in a horse and miniature donkey but the burro was just put out to fend for itself.   I have had my worries about this family since they moved here as they are also raising a teenage son (from a previous union) and very young daughter.  I don't know what mom's perpensity for alcohol is, but the father has rarely been seen without a beer in his hand.  Some of their acquaintances suggested that turning out the burro was the best way for it to survive.  I don't know about you, but he looks half starved to me.  As far as I am concerned, only a selfish asshole allows a domesticated animal loose to just go fend for itself - especially out here.  I don't care what their personal circumstances are.  They had a responsibility to make sure ALL their pets were taken care of.  99,105,77,0,B  UPDATE:  Some friends of mine have stepped up to the plate and are going to adopt all 3 of the animals that were left to fend for themselves.  This burro is getting picked up tonight and taken to a good home where he will be well cared for.  Just baked a batch of super cookies for them.
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the new doves...

The Field Lab - Wed, 2018/05/30 - 3:41pm
They hatched on Saturday and Sunday.  If all goes according to schedule, they should be ready to leave the nest in two weeks.  102,109,74,0,C
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more panels

The Field Lab - Tue, 2018/05/29 - 4:01pm
Finally prepping to put another 400 watts of solar into service.  I think I bought these panels about 4 years ago and they have just been sitting in their boxes (not very effective) since then.  I was short a combiner cable but finished bolting them down in time to order one from Amazon Prime around noon in order to get it delivered tomorrow.  Not quite sure where or how these will get permanently mounted yet and will decide that after I see how much more I will need to keep up with my AC.  Either it's getting hotter out here or I am getting soft in my old age. Video coming Friday... 102,108,73,0,C
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a monday matinee...

The Field Lab - Mon, 2018/05/28 - 10:47am
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The Field Lab - Sun, 2018/05/27 - 3:13pm
Luke 12:15 And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.  (Disclaimer:Although I am quite fond of my new computer, it is an important tool in my life and not necessarily a possession that I covet.)   
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Nothing like a new computer....

The Field Lab - Sat, 2018/05/26 - 3:05pm
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a friday night film

The Field Lab - Fri, 2018/05/25 - 3:03pm
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another computer down...

The Field Lab - Thu, 2018/05/24 - 4:16pm
My almost 8 year old HP "All In One" computer finally shit the bed today.  Ordered a new one that is twice the speed and four times the storage space for half the price ( still gotta love Moore's Law).  Luckily I just backed up all my images and videos that were on it about a month ago.  Pulled the hard drive out and will see what else I can salvage from it when I get the new computer tomorrow.   89,95,63, .03",B
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