Bathroom Remodel Part 2 - We Can Rebuild It

Water Pipes - Spray Foamed & Insulated

Our bathroom remodel is now on solid footing. Specifically, two layers of new plywood glued and screwed in place have replaced the water-damaged deck and subfloor. Half of the "wet" wall is replaced with new (full height) and reused (short pieces and blocking) 2x4 lumber. I've spray-foamed each of the water and vent pipe holes in the subfloor and wrapped the hot-water pipes for both bathrooms (they share the "wet" wall) with foam insulation. A can of spray foam and pipe insulation are cheap and help deliver hot water to the tap faster.

Continuing our frugal bathroom remodel we're re-using the bathtub. Other than some rusty spots near the leak, the enamel on steel bathtub is in decent shape. I knocked off any loose rust and used a rust-converting primer on all of the rusty spots. My fingers are crossed, but I think this will preserve the tub and a touch up of the enamel will clean up the tub nicely. I also sealed the opening in the subfloor around the bathtub drain with heavy plastic sheeting to stop airflow and keep the tub a bit warmer.

My goal is to rebuild the bathroom better, stronger and a bit warmer. At the same time I am reusing as many of the fixtures as is practical. We may decide to make changes down the road, but we'll save time and some money today. I think we can keep our budget below what was spent on Steve Austin.

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