Why I Garden #38

Olla and encircling root bowl

A tale of a full moon, a hard frost, green tomatoes and eight dirty ollas.

We've had a few light frosts over the past couple of weeks, but a hard freeze was forecast for Friday night. So, Friday evening I harvested the last of the tomatoes under a full-moon while temperatures quickly dropped. Thanks to the ollas, tomatoes were our big harvest this year and are ripening with the help of banana-produced ethylene gas. As I dug the ollas out of the ground they left a smooth bowl of roots that had wrapped around each one. Clearly, this antiquated technology did the trick for irrigating our annuals with little wasted water.

Yesterday was spent expanding two garden beds, turning the compost and spreading that compost hither and yon. I still need to sow cold hardy greens in the cold frame, but the garden is nearly ready for winter. Whew!

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